Massage Therapy

30 minutes = $40 45 minutes = $55 60 minutes = $70 90 minutes = $100 (unless stated otherwise)


Forget about your worries with this head to toe massage that will leave you refreshed and relaxed.

Deep Tissue

A more focused massage for those sore and overworked muscles. 

Hot Bamboo

The use of heated bamboo sticks is combined with massage techniques to help melt away muscle tension.


Enhance our Swedish massage by choosing one of our essential oil blends.  Take your customized blend home to continue your relaxation! 


The perfect customizable massage for those expecting mothers.  Available for any mom-to-be passed the first trimester and have a low-risk pregnancies


Negative pressure from a variety of massage cups are applied to tense muscles throughout your massage.  Increasing blood flow to improve circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. 

60 minutes  $75

Sinus Relief

A eucalyptus infused neck and scalp massage helped with any neck tension.  Followed by an acupressure facial massage to help relieve sinus pressure.   (30 minutes)

Facial Massage

Starts with an exfoliation  to help remove dry skin and then rehydrates the skin.  Enjoy a legthened facial massage followed by a scalp massage.   (Allow 30 minutes)

Add cupping for $5 

Scalp Treatment

A warmed oil mixed with an essential oil of your choice is applied to your roots.  Enjoy a massage to the scalp and face to deepen the relaxation.  Great for dry, oily hair or those struggling with dandruff.   (30 minutes)

**Add ons with no Charge!

Scrub on either the feet or back

Paraffin wax on either the feet or hands

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