Massage Therapy

30 minutes = $45 45 minutes = $60 60 minutes = $75 90 minutes = $105 (Unless stated otherwise)


The classic head to toe massage that will leave you refreshed and relaxed.

Deep Tissue

A more focused massage for those sore and overworked muscles. 

Hot Bamboo

The use of heated bamboo sticks is combined with massage techniques to help melt away muscle tension.

Pregnancy Massage

The perfect customizable massage for those expecting mothers.  Available for any mom-to-be passed the first trimester and have a low-risk pregnancies.


Enhance our Swedish massage by choosing one of our essential oil blends.  Take your customized blend home to continue your relaxation! 


Negative pressure from a variety of massage cups are applied to tense muscles throughout your massage.  Increasing blood flow to improve circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. 

60 minutes  $80

Sinus Relief 

A eucalyptus infused neck and scalp massage helped with any neck tension.  Followed by an acupressure facial massage to help relieve sinus pressure.   (30 minutes)

Facial Massage

Starts with an exfoliation  to help remove dry skin and then rehydrates the skin.  Enjoy a lengthened facial massage followed by a scalp massage.   (Allow 30 minutes)       Add cupping for $5 

Scalp Treatment

A warmed oil mixed with an essential oil of your choice is applied to your roots.  Enjoy a massage to the scalp and face to deepen the relaxation.  (Allow 30 minutes)

***ADD ON’s (for no extra Charge!)

Scrub on the feet or back

Paraffin wax on the feet or hands


Aromatherapy Wrap

Enjoy a gentle dry brushing exfoliation following by a hydrating oil mixed with an essential oil of your choice.   Enhance your relaxation by enjoying a neck, face and scalp massage while wrapped up to receive all the benefits of your aromatherapy blend.

45 minutes  $60 

Rose Berry Body Treatment

Enhance cell removal and softening the skin all while rehydrating the skin. This Treatment includes a berry scrub to exfoliate the skin, followed by a European Rose mud wrap. Enjoy a full body massage or facial to finish this treatment off. 

Allow 90 minutes  $130

The Detox

Promote detoxification while improving skin texture with this Black Baltic  Mud treatment.  Lift dead skin with a Sea Salt scrub followed by a Black Baltic mud wrap.  Finish with a full body massage using our Grapefruit, Cypress, Juniper, Cedarwood, and Clary Sage essential oil blend.  

Allow 90 minutes $130   Add cupping for $5

The Combo

Can’t choose between a massage or facial?  Enjoy our 1/2 massage and 1/2 facial treatment.  It’s the best of both worlds with a 45 minute massage and a 45 minute facial.

Allow 90 minutes  $120

The Works

Choose between the Rose Berry Body Treatment or the Detox  followed by both an hour massage and hour facial. 

Allow 2.5 hours   $205


30 minutes $45 60 minutes $75

(Unless otherwise Stated)

Customized Facial

Customized to your skin’s type and needs, this is the perfect facial for all ages

Ageless Facial

Improves Hydration while decreases the appearance of wrinkles with this Anti-aging facial

Acne Facial

Minimize acne scarring and decrease blemishes

Men’s Facial

Our customized facial with a masculine touch.  Facial hair or not we got you covered!


Uses a medical grade surgical blade for a deeper exfoliation while removing that unwanted peach fuzz.

60 Minutes $80

Dermaplane Add on

Add Dermaplane to any facial or chemical peel for a deeper exfoliation!

Extra 30 Minutes $35

Gua Sha Add on

Add Gua Sha to any facial or chemical peel

Extra 30 minutes $35

Back Treatment

It’s a facial for your back!  Great for sensitive, dry or acne prone skin

 TCA (chemical peel)

Great for hyper pigmentation.  Improves signs of wrinkles while softening the skin. $80

Lactic Chemical Peel

This peel hydrates the skin all while targeting dark spots and softening the skin. Great for those who want to try a peel for the first time! $80

Glycolic Chemical Peel

Smooths texture and fine lines while evening out skin tones.  Also improves the appearance of aging and photo-damaged skin as well as acne. $80


Eyebrow Sculpting  $15

Eyebrows Tint and Wax $25

Nose  $15

Lip  $15

Chin  $15

Full Face (excludes the nose)  $35

Full Arm  $45

Half Arm  $30

Underarms  $30

Full Leg   $60+

Half Leg   $45

Women Brazilian  $70+

Bikini  $45+

Extreme Bikini  $60+

Stomach, Back or Chest  (chose one) $50+


Lash Lift and Tint   $75

Lash Extension  (50% deposit is required at time of booking)

Hybrid  $125

Light Volume  $140

Lash Removal $30+

Fill $35+  

Spray Tan  

A natural looking tan that’s fast drying, oil free, fragrance free, Alcohol free.  Our Hypo-allergenic solution is water-based and free of harsh chemicals and dyes.

Original $35

Can shower anytime after 8-12 hours 


Express $40

Can shower anytime after 90 minutes-3 hours